Who We Are

Progressive Microtechnology, Inc. (PMI) is a veteran owned family business that takes pride in the quality products and customer service we provide. 

PMI was born in 1984 as a company that designed custom inventory and asset management systems that incorporated barcoding. 

In 1992, the company was purchased by John and Suzanne Alex and the focus turned more to providing turn key type systems and the associated hardware. 

In 2000, our local Police departments were struggling to balance the need for efficient evidence management with the high costs of what was then available. Working with those departments, we created PMI Evidence Tracker™ to specifically address the needs of Police departments everywhere. Designed by Cops for Cops we provided a modern evidence management system that was not only affordable but also Cop Friendly. 

To this day, we have the only complete evidence management system that is affordable to smaller and medium size law enforcement agencies.

At PMI, we are constantly working with our Police departments to ensure that our products continue meeting their current needs. 

As evidence tracking has evolved, so have we. While continuing our commitment to our Police departments, our software advanced to meet the needs of any organization that needs to manage and track evidence. 

We pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful US-based customer service and support. Your departments serve the public, we serve you.