Evidence Input Screen
Evidence Log Screen

Our PMI Evidence Tracker ™program was designed by Cops for Cops and is the easiest to use, most economical and Cop friendliest evidence management system on the market today.

PMI Evidence Tracker™ :

Modern user interface and uses SQL server for data storage.

Comes with both an evidence module to manage all your evidence, from recovery to disposal, and an asset module your Quartermaster can use for managing all your physical and assigned equipment.

Our license is a site license which means you can install the program on your server and then access it from any client, work station or remote desktop that’s on the same network. There is no limit on the number of users that can access the program. (Basic Version limited with 2 user license)

You own the license and never have to pay an annual renewal fee.

We provide a year of FREE technical support which includes software updates.

Our system uses three levels of security that enable the program administrator to control who has access to the program, where they can go in the program and what they can do in the program.

Includes an Activity Log that tracks all activity in the program by individual user.

Import function allows the importing of case data into the PMI Evidence Tracker™ system from another SQL database. The Import can run in a manual (one time) or polling (continual) mode.  The polling mode has a user defined adjustable frequency rate.

Our systems all include a barcode printer, a barcode scanner, labels, ribbon and license, that you’ll own.

Includes a backup and restore function. Built-in Backup Module has an automatic scheduler setup and control feature.

We use only one input screen to enter or edit evidence and that screen can be customized by you to meet department preferences.

The evidence screen can be easily modified to hide fields you don’t use, move fields on the screen, make fields required, change the field header names to suite your local requirements and create your own list for any of the drop-down fields.

When entering multiple pieces of evidence for the same case number, the software will auto-fill whichever fields you have selected to do so.

We have 11 user defined fields plus a notes field. The user fields include both text and drop down type that can be quickly edited to meet local requirements. The notes field can handle up to 1,000 characters.

Print evidence or shelf labels directly from the program and create short cut labels to reduce key strokes.

A built-in Graphic Label Editor allows you to customize your evidence, asset and shelf labels.

Add attachments, including graphics, word documents, PDFs, photos, receipts, videos, etc. to each piece of evidence.

There are many predefined reports available and a simple to use report writer to create an unlimited number of custom reports that you can filter any way you want. The reports are all generated within the program, eliminating the need for learning a third-party reporting system.

Print receipts directly from the program.

Import data from a delimited file like csv or Excel into PMI Evidence Tracker™.

Copy and paste data from the program into a Word document, Excel table, email, notepad, etc.

The Chain of Custody keeps track of all movement of evidence in and out of your property room.

Batch Check In/Out saves time when processing destruct orders or purging evidence.

Our program can easily manage multiple property rooms and an inventory can be done on one or all of them at any time.

The program uses a mathematical algorithm to select the number of items you have chosen to review when running a random audit.

Optional Software with Cordless Scanner helps you to quickly conduct your physical inventory for both evidence and assets. The software can be installed on any computer, laptop or tablet that has Windows® 10 OS and doesn’t have the PMI Evidence Tracker™ program installed. You only need to scan the shelf location barcode followed by the barcode on each piece of evidence. The collected data is then compared to the program data so you can run a report that will tell you if anything is missing, in the wrong place or checked out.

The asset module allows you to identify and keep track of all your assigned equipment and other assets.  You can assign equipment to an individual or location and can print out any number of predefined reports and unlimited custom reports.

Our system uses polysynthetic labels, which can withstand very high or very low temperatures, for both evidence and assets. You can spill most anything on them with full confidence they will continue to retain their integrity and that the barcode will scan for many, many years to come.

Free shipping in Continental USA.