How to Convince Management to Invest in an Evidence Tracker

July 28, 2020 Natalie Dunlap

When it comes to evidence tracking, one frustration evidence managers often experience is when their bosses tell them to “just refer to the RMS” (Records Management System).

When this phrase is stated, it means the staff needs to do all the work manually to find the expected information. While this is the standard way of doing the job, there are also quicker, more improved, and more accurate ways to gather and record information. Using an evidence tracking system, for example, can help you improve your work too.

It’s not enough that you’re the only one convinced about the efficiency of this system. You also need to help your management see the importance of using an evidence tracker.

Here’s what you should do to persuade the management that your office needs a process update:

1. Make Them Understand How the Standard Workflow Is

You may have an idea of how the operations go within your office, but the management might not fully grasp the process. To convince them that a change is needed, you have to make them see how things work. You can create a report that includes the following facts:

  • The workload of the people
  • The inventory levels
  • How much time is spent on critical tasks
  • The number of intake and disposition
  • The staff hours versus job responsibilities

In doing the report, try to make the numbers as clear and tangible as possible, and prepare backups or evidence to prove your point.

2. Show Them the Potential Problems

Now that you have your data, use it to predict potential problems that your team might encounter if the same process continues while receiving more cases. Show them the critical tasks your team needs to perform and how using RMS can cause possible delays or deterioration in performance.

Here are some other questions you can answer in this part of your report:

If there will be a change in the system, how will it affect your performance?

How will the new system change the core processes?

How will the new system resolve the current problems?

Is the new system capable of doing the following:

  • Resolve tasks
  • Manage digital evidence
  • Conduct inventories
  • Approve dispositions
  • Handle barcode systems
  • Provide real-time data

The clearer your report is, the more your management could understand why there’s a need to reorganize the process. The more you highlight what your desired product can do, the more they’ll be convinced.

3. Expose the Cost

One of the greatest enemies of convincing management to get new software or platform is the cost. In their eyes, it’s another expense that should not have been there if only the employees will stick with the RMS. To handle this, show them the hidden cost of relying on the RMS.

What is the hidden cost? It can be the money equivalent of all the time consumed in doing a single critical task. Let’s take inventory, for example. It’s a basic task that requires studying evidence carefully, logging in all information, and making sure that all these details are as accurate as possible. If you look at how much time your staff is consuming in a day for a single case, you won’t notice it much. However, if you make them see the bigger picture of how much delay it can cause in a month’s workload, you can make them see things differently.

Highlight Other Benefits

Now is the time to tell them the other benefits of acquiring the program. If there is efficient software taking care of all the other administrative work for the police, then more officers would be free from the admin work. As a result, more officers can do their main purpose—patrolling and investigating.

5. Review Your Role

As part of the evidence team or as the evidence manager, you have the responsibility to build the strongest chain of custody as possible. Sometimes managers need a reminder of what your purpose should be to get them back on track.

Let Your Dedication Show

One way to get an effective and convincing pitch to your manager is to be true to your function and performance. If you are dedicated to achieving the best for your team, it’ll show. Since you’re in evidence marketing practices, make sure to state only facts, backed up by proofs to help you get a yes from the person in charge.

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