How Technology Keeps Law Enforcement Officers Safe During a Pandemic

June 22, 2020 Natalie Dunlap

While the majority of people’s jobs were put on hold because of the pandemic COVID-19, law enforcement is one main part of society that continues to perform its duties. Along with the front liners and other essential workers, they have the principal role in keeping the community safe and secure.

At a crucial time like this, where there is a limit to access to food and other essentials, crime risk is presumed to increase. Many people are panicking and thinking of different ways to survive. Police and investigators need to be more alert, in control, and humane to help bring calm and peace.

The Danger Law Enforcement Entails

The field in itself is surrounded by all kinds of danger at all times. To perform important parts of their job, police and crime investigators need to conduct direct and physical contact with people.

Without proper gear and protection, an interaction with a person with COVID-19 will immediately put their health at risk.

The Role of Technology

Technology makes people’s lives easier and every job more manageable. In the case of law enforcement, digital transformation is slowly taking place. Its advantages are more evident during the time of the pandemic.

• It Lessens the Need for Face-to-Face Interaction

Before technology, investigators obtained and passed around the pieces of evidence for further study and as part of the protocol. That includes the touching of physical evidence and handing it out from one person to another. At a time like this, where the coronavirus is transferable via droplet transmission, it is easier for law enforcers to catch the virus if they’re not adequately protected.

Nowadays, with the help of digital evidence tracking solutions, the physical interaction is now limited and the need for physical transfer of evidence is lessened.

• It Allows for Flexible Crime Monitoring

CCTV cameras help police and other security personnel monitor an area without being physically present there. Technology also allows the monitoring of several locations at a time possible through this hardware.

Communication is easier thanks to cellular phones and data, and access to information can now be retrieved in an instant.

• It Helps Provide and Maintain Evidence

Pieces of evidence, such as 911 audio recordings, CCTV video evidence, and other digital evidence, can be accessed and reviewed remotely by investigators through the help of barcode evidence tracking technology. This again reduces the police and investigator’s possible interaction with the COVID-19 when assessing or working on a case.

• It Allows Other Personnel to Work from Home

Through a police evidence management system, there are law enforcement personnel who can perform their duties at home, without the need to go out and risk their lives. They can get the information they need about certain evidence with just a simple click.


While personal contact can never be completely eliminated from the process of investigating and evidence handling, technology helps lessen the dangers it presents during the time of a pandemic. Having computerized evidence management software helps our law enforcers perform their duties while reducing the need to physically interact with people. Technology, like other things, has its pros and cons. If used in the right causes and means, it can do us all good.

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