3 Factors to Look for in a Reliable Evidence Management System

June 22, 2020 John Alex

When it comes to tracking vital evidence, law enforcement professionals typically take essential steps in handling everything as carefully and as efficiently as possible.

Seeing that the pressure continues to rise as more cases come in, the entire process of dealing with these crucial pieces of information can grow to be even more difficult and intense. Yet, handling documents, articles, and items relevant to the cases that you currently have no longer has to be a painstaking process as long as you have this tool in your arsenal: an evidence management system.

What is It?

It is a piece of software that helps track essential information, documents, items, and other physical factors that are relevant to a case. With the help of an affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use system, you can effectively manage the crucial information that you get to easily find a solution to a seemingly complex problem.

What Should it Contain?

The standard evidence management system comes with a set number of factors that any officer can significantly benefit from during the collection and management process itself. Here are three factors to look for in a system:

1. Affordability

Despite its highly technical nature, evidence tracking solutions are surprisingly inexpensive when compared to the cost of labor-intensive methods. As opposed to spending an excessive amount of time, money, and effort on an outdated process that lacks automation, customization, and integrity, adopting a standard tracking system actually costs less. Additionally, having such a piece of technology also equates to even more savings in the long run because it reduces your losses without setting you back a fortune for unhampered efficiency!

2. Accessibility and Ease of Use

One of the biggest benefits of using evidence management systems is that they offer a much more accessible solution that can be easily availed of online. Various options, such as the PMI Evidence Tracker, offer an effective and secure access tool that provides a proper architecture for support without needing expensive and sophisticated hardware.
By only going online and installing the software on a designated computer, you can set up the entire system and access it from multiple platforms as well! Thanks to its accessibility, modern software-based evidence trackers are also easier to use to the point where you can achieve even more with far less. Today’s options follow a plug-and-use approach that allows you to configure the whole software in a matter of hours!

3. Security

For any law enforcer, it’s no secret that security is an absolute necessity when it comes to managing evidence because of how important evidence is to the outcome of a case. Fortunately, evidence tracking solutions provide the utmost security with built-in parameters and codes that prevent hackers from accessing sensitive data!


With the help of an effective evidence management system, keeping an eye out for your department’s tracking processes and storage needs no longer has to be a long-winded process packed with difficulty. By getting a hold of the latest software option and installing it with the help of your IT department, you can usher your evidence department into the future of convenient management!

As a solution that is “Designed by Cops for Cops,” we designed and developed an effective evidence tracking solution with absolute convenience and effectiveness. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your tracking needs!