4 Ways Asset Tracking Software Saves Time

December 2, 2019 Natalie Dunlap

Many police departments have brought in specialized equipment to use in order to protect their personnel while also helping them to more effectively achieve their mission. It’s no secret that much of this specialized equipment often comes with a hefty price tag, and so tracking and protecting these assets is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, PMI Evidence Tracker includes asset tracking software that can help departments do exactly that, while also becoming more efficient. We’ll outline 4 ways that utilizing barcode asset tracking software can help your department become more efficient and effective.

Increased Speed for Asset Management

By using barcode asset tracking software, departments can rely on digital systems that make it easier to quickly retrieve, track, and purge all assets. By using an asset tracking software that relies on barcodes, your department can quickly enter new acquisitions into your software’s database. The time for identifying and accounting for equipment is drastically reduced, and personnel can quickly discover the location and condition of an asset in very little time compared to manual filing systems or spreadsheets.

Ongoing Asset Maintenance is Made Easier

Maintaining assets and equipment is an ongoing process, and using barcode asset tracking makes this process easier. As the amount, location, and type of equipment fluctuates and changes daily, an asset tracking software system can make the process for logging these changes much easier and less prone to error or complications.

Mitigate the Risk of Lost, Stolen, or Missing Equipment

Tracking your assets with software makes it much easier for departments to stay accountable for their assets and equipment. With the use of such systems, information about every piece of equipment is constantly visible, making it easy for personnel to keep an eye out for lost or misused equipment. Not only is it easier to avoid waste from duplicate purchases (unnecessarily replacing a piece of equipment that you believe to have been lost, only to later find the item and discover that it was out of place), but it also encourages greater employee responsibility within the department.

Easier to Obtain Important Information and Data

Using asset tracking software greatly improves your ability to keep accurate records for tax, insurance, and audit purposes. You can quickly log into your system and view at a glance the quantity, location, condition, and value of a specific item of equipment. Being able to quickly access (or even filter) such information extremely valuable for effective asset management. You can also view who currently is in possession of the said equipment, as well as view a history of when and where they have been moved.

Asset Tracking Software by PMI Evidence Tracker

At PMI Evidence Tracker, we realize that more and more law enforcement teams require specialized assets and equipment, which is why our complete software system includes a module for tracking assets. By choosing our software for your department, you can make the asset management process more efficient and streamlined than ever.

The PMI Evidence Tracker is a full, customizable barcode asset tracking software system that helps law enforcement and legal professionals track specialized equipment inventory for easy and efficient retrieval and maintenance. This system utilizes the same technology that law enforcement professionals across the country trust for the efficient, organized, and streamlined retrieval of their evidence. When you choose to partner with us for your asset management needs, your department will have peace of mind that its most unique assets are organized and accounted for, making for easy equipment retrieval while also establishing added accountability. Contact us to learn more about how our asset tracking software can help your department today!