Importance of Asset Management for Specialized Equipment

November 4, 2019 Natalie Dunlap

Today, police officers and other law enforcement personnel across the country face more danger than ever. In the face of this danger, many police departments increasingly need specialized equipment in order to do their job. Specialized equipment can include equipment such as drones, battering rams, riot gear, and advanced weaponry. This equipment, though very necessary, is also very costly, and is sometimes procured through government programs. As a result, asset loss is a highly sensitive issue that can affect even the most effective departments. Fortunately, it’s possible to minimize the risk of asset loss by utilizing an effective asset tracking software system.

Specialized Equipment and Asset Tracking Software

Certain pieces of specialized equipment are extremely dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. The loss of this specialized equipment can leave law enforcement unprotected and compromise their mission of serving and protecting their community. Police departments must always account for every piece of specialized equipment. To effectively manage these assets and prevent loss, the use of a barcode asset management system is imperative. Asset tracking software allows law enforcement personnel to monitor all aspects of the asset lifecycle quickly, from acquisition and commissioning to maintenance and deployment, and even through decommissioning and replacement.

Increased Efficiency

One of the main advantages of the barcode asset management tracking system lies in its efficiency. When compared to traditional methods of manual bookkeeping and spreadsheet systems, barcode tracking software is much faster and accurate—making it an ideal choice for maintaining specialized equipment. By using asset tracking software, departments can rely on digital systems that make it easier to retrieve, track, and purge all assets quickly. Using an asset tracking software that relies on barcodes allows your department to quickly and easily enter new acquisitions into your software’s database. It makes it easier to adhere to consistent labeling practices as appropriate for specific specialized equipment, while also helping to eliminate the potential for human error. You can securely and reliably retrieve accurate information about the assets your personnel needs without the challenges and difficulties of more antiquated spreadsheet systems.

Barcode Asset Management System

At PMI Evidence Tracking, we understand the unique challenges faced by today’s law enforcement, including the need for specialized equipment. We have developed an asset tracking software system to help your department keep track of its specialized equipment so that your personnel can focus on protecting communities rather than inventory. The PMI Evidence Tracker is a customizable barcode tracking software system that helps law enforcement and legal professionals track specialized equipment inventory for easy and efficient retrieval and maintenance.

This system utilizes the same technology that law enforcement professionals across the country have trusted for efficient, organized, and streamlined evidence retrieval, as well as a chain of custody establishment. Our barcode tracking system features polysynthetic labels, which give you the durability you need for storing or deploying assets in adverse or unique conditions. Users can easily print these proprietary shelf labels directly from the program, and a unique identification number or bar code is assigned to each asset—making the retrieval process easier and more efficient than ever.

When you choose to partner with PMI Evidence Tracker for your asset tracking software, your department will have peace of mind that its most unique assets are organized and accounted for, making for easy retrieval and use while also establishing added accountability. Contact us to learn more about how our system can help your department with asset management today!