Advantages of Barcode Tracking Software

September 10, 2019 Natalie Dunlap

It’s no secret that maintaining an orderly evidence room is an essential key to establishing a secure chain of custody while ensuring easy retrieval efforts. Using barcode tracking software is the easiest way to achieve this, and we will outline two of the most important reasons why.


One of the main advantages of barcode tracking software lies in its efficiency. Barcode tracking software is much faster and more accurate than traditional methods of bookkeeping and retrieval. It is the ideal choice for maintaining your evidence room. Tasks that would’ve previously taken days can now easily be accomplished in a matter of seconds. By using an evidence barcode system, you eliminate the need to use a paper filing system for evidence, while also making it easier to quickly retrieve, track, and purge all forms of evidence. An evidence barcode system also makes it easier to adhere to consistent labeling practices as is necessary for effective evidence management.


Another great benefit of barcode tracking software is its affordability. By comparison, RFID systems can be upwards of 20 times the cost of barcode tracking software, while only coming with a fraction of the accuracy. Additionally, barcode tracking software comes with none of the added equipment costs of RFID based systems, only requiring a simple barcode scanner.

Barcode Tracking Software by PMI Evidence Tracker

The PMI Evidence Tracker™ is a customizable barcode tracking software system that helps law enforcement and legal professionals track physical and digital evidence. Law enforcement professionals across the country have trusted our software to ensure efficient, organized, and streamlined evidence retrieval, asset tracking, and chain of custody. With our evidence barcode system, users can print evidence or shelf labels directly from the program. Our system also features polysynthetic labels, which give you the durability you need for long-term storage in adverse conditions. These specialty labels allow all evidence to be documented as soon as it is found, and a unique identification number or bar code is assigned to each piece of evidence.

When you choose to partner with PMI Evidence Tracker™, you’ll wonder how you managed before! Unparalleled user customization and unrivaled customer support mean that your department will have all the resources it needs for maximum efficiency at an affordable price. Contact us to learn more about how our barcode tracking software can help your department today!