How to Label Evidence Properly

June 10, 2019 Natalie Dunlap

How to Label Evidence Properly

Evidence is a major tool used by Prosecutors to establish guilt in a criminal proceeding. Proper evidence labeling is an integral part of proving a case and establishing a secure chain of custody. Proper evidence labeling not only ensures organizational integrity for police agencies, but it also lessens the risk of tampering or mistrials, increases credibility, and makes the evidence transfer process more efficient.

Information for Evidence Labeling

All evidence and property should be appropriately tagged, and it’s essential to adhere to established labeling practices. It’s worth noting that it can be particularly important to include details on evidence packaging, as this may be the only way to identify a piece of evidence if shape or size prevents the attachment of a label.

Proper Evidence Labeling Includes:

  • Full description of the item
  • Case or incident number
  • Tracking number
  • Evidence Room storage location
  • Offense & offense location
  • Suspects name

PMI Evidence Tracker™ for Proper Evidence Labeling

Our evidence management system uses customizable software that helps law enforcement and legal professionals always keep track of physical and digital evidence. Law enforcement professionals across the country have trusted our Cop Friendly software to ensure efficient, organized, and streamlined evidence management, asset tracking and chain of custody.

With PMI Evidence Tracker™ you can print evidence and shelf labels directly from the program. Our system uses polysynthetic labels, which give you the durability you need for long-term storage even in adverse conditions. These labels include a unique identification number and bar code that is assigned to each piece of evidence, making auditing and retrieval process easier and more efficient than ever.

When you choose PMI Evidence Tracker™ to handle evidence labeling, you’ll wonder how you managed before! Unparalleled user customization and unrivaled customer support means that your department can have all the resources it needs for proper evidence management and labeling. Contact us today to learn more about how our software can help your department achieve proper evidence labeling!