Secure Passwords Update

We’re always working to better safeguard your chain of custody. Friday we released an update to bring your passwords closer in line with the CJIS Security Policy standards. If it’s good enough for the FBI, it’s good enough for PMI Evidence Tracker.

In addition, we improved the level of encryption for the passwords in the database. If your server were ever compromised it will now be even harder for attackers to crack your passwords than ever before.

New password standards:

  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • Not the same as username
  • Not on the Internet’s list of 1000 Worst Passwords
  • Uses letters, numbers, and at least one special character

This will help ensure that your records are only modified by the users that should be modifying them.

While we were at it we redesigned the User Admin screen so it’s easier to use.

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