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Get ready to high-five somebody.  PMI Evidence Tracker works the way you work and fits in any size of department.  You can install it on most any Windows PC manufactured in the last five years.  We have customers running our system on Windows Server 2012 supporting hundreds of clients.  On the other end of the spectrum we have customers using a stand-alone Windows XP system with 2GB of RAM.  Most of the design team runs Evidence Tracker on their Apple MacBook Pros running Windows 7.

Ready to Use, Ready to Help

Our system can be setup exactly the way you need.  Right out of the box it has powerful functionality.  Then, depending how you want to customize it, you can do a lot of things that will save you countless hours.

Our smaller departments quickly enter the evidence and do all of the paperwork themselves.  Our medium-size to larger departments like to ease the Evidence Room Manager’s workload by having detectives and patrol officers enter their evidence directly into the system.  Save the paperwork: delegate!

Patrol can swiftly put the information in the system in under a minute.  Then they label the evidence and put it in a temporary locker.  The Evidence Room Manager pulls it out of the locker, checks over the information entered, and puts it away.  When you check items out to go to the lab or court it’s even easier!  The whole process is streamlined so that you can work the way you want to.

Will it work with my computer / network / IT staff?

Some departments have a large network, fast server, and dedicated support staff.  Other departments have a single Windows 7 computer for evidence.  At some departments their IT guy goes by the name of “Sergeant” or “Detective” and wears a lot of hats.  We work with both ends of the spectrum and everyone in between.

Starting on Day 1 we walk you through the installation and setup of our system.  Right away you have a choice of how you want it set up.


Thousands of departments have 20 or less people on staff.  Those departments generally have one person in charge of the evidence and they’re going to be the only person entering the information.  You can run the entire PMI Evidence Tracker system on that one Windows 7 computer in the evidence room.  Just over a quarter of our departments are setup that way and it works.


Most departments have a file server that’s shared throughout the building.  IT staff and officers in these departments can choose to store their evidence data on that server.  The other option is to store it on one of the regular client computers.  Most often if they don’t choose the file server they choose the computer in the evidence room.

The PMI Evidence Tracker server is chosen and installed.  Then other computers simply install the client program and connect to it.  Adding another computer takes about a minute.

Options as you grow

A lot of departments start with a stand-alone install.  Then they delegate evidence entry to patrol so they add a second and third computer as a client.  Eventually IT decides they want the database on their server.  When that days comes you have that option.  We make the system as flexible as possible.

Ready to high-five somebody?


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