Graphical Label Editor

Want to edit your evidence labels and asset labels with a graphical editor?

Here’s how to get to it.

How to get to the label editor

We added the label editor to the setup menu


And what it looks like.

Evidence Label Editor

Evidence Label Editor


It’s completely GUI and drag and drop.  Add new fields to your label when you need them.  Delete the ones you don’t use.

EDIT: In version 7.2.0204 the new label editor is beta quality. It’s not yet at the level we want to endorse as a finished product. To try out the new label editor please create a user named “beta” and log in with that account.

The next step will be finding fonts for the editor that more closely match the size and shape of the default fonts built in to the GC420T label printer. With default Windows fonts we were able to make a close approximation on the screen of what shows up on the label. Right now the process is drag-drop-print and see if it matches. We’re working on making it drag-drop-print.

If you have thoughts on what we can do to make the label editor better please reach out to our team via the support page.

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