Your Evidence Tracking Solution

March 27, 2019 Natalie Dunlap

Your Evidence Tracking Solution

Your Evidence Tracking Solution


Over time, evidence tracking has evolved and expanded. Any organization that manages and tracks evidence must be able to keep up with an ever-increasing volume of evidence and property. Designed by Cops for Cops, PMI Evidence Tracker™, provides a simple solution to a complex problem. The information pertaining to every piece of evidence is detailed and organized so anyone can understand it with ease.

It’s time that your inventory workflow is streamlined to maximum efficiency. As a Cop Friendly system, we have every feature that your agency will require as soon as you set up.

Easy to Operate Evidence Log

It is critical that your system for managing evidence is user-friendly and saves time. Our evidence log, which is the only place you’ll need to go to add or edit evidence, can be customize by you to meet your department requirements.  You can edit field headers, make fields required or auto-fill, create your own drop-down menus, have attachments, move fields and even hide unused fields. This is the easiest, most Cop friendly evidence management system on the market today.

Updated and Customized Reports

Not only will you have access to updated reports such as evidence, chain of custody, and disposition reports, our evidence tracker also offers unlimited customized reports that are easy to design. Your department can customize the PMI Evidence Tracker™ to meet your needs.

Batch Check In Check Out

Processing multiple pieces of evidence into or out of your property room can be time-consuming. PMI Evidence Tracker™ utilizes a batch in and out feature to assist with the chain of custody. It is easy to add items to a batch list by simply scanning their tracking or case number. This saves time when processing destruct orders or purging evidence from the property room.

Barcode Labels

Using Barcodes creates automation that will assist in managing evidence and speed-up the process. It speeds up and smooths out the process of checking items in and out of the evidence room and allows you to conduct a physical inventory.

Meeting All Standards and Rules

As an agency, you should not have to worry if you are adhering to proper rules and regulations. Our system meets IAPE, International Associate for Property and Evidence, and CALEA, Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act, property management standards.

PMI Evidence Tracker™ is a perfect match for your department or agency. No matter what the volume of evidence that is being organized and cataloged, our system will track the inventory quickly and securely. In just an hour or two, our evidence tracker can be up and running. Contact us today and get your department moving.